Our History

MacTaggart’s Market and Deli was started mid year in 1985. Taggart was the name of the original owner and MacTaggart is the true Scottish form of the family name.

Mr. Taggart sold the business in 1991 to one of his employees and his partner. The name MacTaggart’s was well liked by the new owners and the neighborhood. It just didn’t seem right to change it to anything else. So, MacTaggart’s was incorporated and is still going strong today.

The store has went through many different transformations over the past 25 years. Including, removal of the deli and going with a conventional convenience store atmosphere for a few years….This turned out to be a mistake, so around 2003 the deli was brought back and upgraded to offer premium sandwiches and salads Made-to-order with only the freshest ingredients and fresh-daily-baked bread and bakery items. At The same time, breakfast sandwiches were born at MacTaggart’s and are proven to be the best breakfast sandwich that you have tried.

Breakfast Sandwich

boars head